Oh, wie schön ist Panama

The adventures of Tiger and Bear
as an extraordinary app to discover and re-discover

For smartphone and tablet on iOS and Android

Janosch: The Trip to Panama

Experience Janosch's bestselling classic picture book “The Trip to Panama” in a completely new way. In the app, you are going to travel with Bear, Tiger & their Tiger Duck to Panama – the land of their dreams.

Accompany Tiger and Bear in seven interactive chapters on an unforgettable journey to the land that "smells of bananas all over". Each of the seven chapters contains a fun game in which you can help Bear and Tiger on their journey. By playing the games you will receive rewards, which you can collect on the rotating Panama globe. In an extra area, selected mini games are waiting for you with even more levels.

Using animation technology that creates a cinematic look, the popular Janosch drawings gain a depth of field and are brought to life without losing that picture book feel in the process. Carefully placed interaction opportunities further enhance the story.

The timeless story of Tiger and Bear who go on a journey to Panama, has been enchanting children and adults alike for three generations. A nice home and good friends – that’s what you need to be happy. Because: “If you have a friend, (...) you don't have to be afraid of anything.”

Over 150 Janosch books have been published to date, some of which have been translated into more than 30 languages and have been sold millionfold. His Bear, Tiger and Tiger Duck characters have become an integral part of German literature and television (Tiger Duck Club).

“The Trip to Panama” received the German Children’s Book Award.


The classic in a brand new guise

Experience and explore the wonderful animated world of Tiger and Bear – with original graphics by Janosch. Animations and interactions bring the story to life.

To read aloud or alone

Digital picture book entertainment for all Janosch fans: Read the enchanting story about friendship and courage or listen to the narrator telling it to you.

Five fun mini games

  • Catch fish with Bear
  • Do handicrafts with Little Tiger
  • Help Cow to drive away the flies
  • Gather mushrooms with Little Tiger
  • Ride on a raft with Bear and Tiger and steer them safely across the river

Collect souvenirs as rewards in every mini game and play them over and over again: by doing so, you unlock different difficulty levels and win medals.

A whole world in one app

Navigate from chapter to chapter with the rotating Panama globe and discover ever new and lovingly designed details and interactive animations

Find your rewards on the globe and gradually fill Tiger and Bear’s world with life.

Child-oriented entertainment

Read and play the app in English or German.

Child-oriented and safe – of course, ad-free and no in-app purchases!

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